Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Latin Cross are widely wear by many people

Christian Jewelry is now wear by many for its style and fashion by non Christian people, for Christian followers they wear as a faith in their god. Before Christian jewelry comes in few design such as cross, The Ichthys and the anchors and today Christian jewelry comes in many design and style.

Latin Cross are widely wear by many people and Latin cross are make of two kinds. One with the body of Christ known as crucifix is most wear by Catholic followers while cross without the body of Christ is wear by Protestants as a representation of Christ’s resurrection. Most cross are made of white gold. Today cross are made of difference metals such as gold or platinum with beautiful cutting, some are design with diamonds and are others precious stone.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Non Christian wears for its unique and fashion

Christian jewelry plays a very important roles in today's society such as faith in their religion and gods and a gift to love one for engaged, birth or married. For Christian jewelry cross is the most important symbol for faith in Christ and today's cross comes in beautiful design make of many metal such as gold, platinum or white gold and some with diamond to go with it. Even though Christians wear cross jewelry to signify their faith, other Christian wears other form of Christian jewelry as a same faith.

Christian jewelry are so unique and fashion
that most people wear for its beauty. Like the rosary which is a parts of Christian collection. This jewelry item usually consists of beads. It is often worn by celebrities as a fashion statement, even though they have very little interest in the Christian faith. Most of this collection are sold in department stores and night markets.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Christian jewelry online

Christian jewelry became very popular to all Christian as a symbols of faith in god and its also wears by non Christian as of its beauty. Today there are many churches, shops, even in big complex and Christian jewelry online, selling all kinds of Christian jewelry for you to choose and buy. If you browse through internet online you can notice more kinds of Christian jewelry online then in shops and even the price are more reasonable and cheap as their do not have to bear the extra cost of shop rental and the misc and plus bills.

Most online give free shipping within the said distance and the products range from key chain to necklaces,ring, bracelet for women, men and kids and gifts to Christian friends. Even you can purchase online a metals cross or gold cross and had your name engraved on the metals.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Christian jewelry as an expression of their faith in god.

Many Christian followers today are wearing Some Christian jewelry such as purity rings its wears by most young people which is giving by their parents or young couple to show their true love in Christian jewelry as an expression of their faith in god.h others. The most favorite Christian jewelry are the cross. It is most wears by all Christian followers as a sign of faith. Some wears its for its beauty while some wears for fun. But after all their wears it for their faith in god.

Today you can walk in any mall or complex which sell difference kinds of Christian jewelry. The price is quite reasonable. Walk in to a goldsmith shop and have your Christian jewelry design with precious stone and metals. Go to your computer do a search online and you'll find that attractive, unique and fashionable Christian jewelry is all the rage.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Religious jewelry symbol faith in god

Wearing religious jewelry is a faith in one religion. Like the buddhist most followers will amulet of buddha, Kuan yin or other buddhist mont as a way of protection from accident and evils. Some wear the amulate for business and some wear it for gambling luck while some wear it for love luck. So whenever he or she goes peoples will like them.

In christian, all christian people wear the christan jewelry as a faith in god. Most christian wear a cross as a faith in Jesus christ. Today christian jewelry comes in many design and style. Some cross are make of gold with diamond as a decoration while some cross of patinum gold. At the end it symbol the faith in god and protection from accident and evils.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Christian jewerly symbols of faith in Christ

Most christian people would wear a cross as a symbols of faith in Christ. Today crosses comes in many difference styles and design, you can purchase it online or get it from a religious shops, shopping complex selling all religious products or even at a goldsmith shops. The price of this christian jewelry can be from a few dollars to a few thousant dollars depends on the materials you choose. Just a metal will cost you a few dollars but if is Platinum and encraft diamonds or some other precious stone such as sapphire, ruby, emerials or even jade will cause you a lots.

As I am a christian I wear a gold cross as a believed in gods. Wearing this christian jewerly it encourage us to do good things and to walk the right path and a belived that the cross will protected us from danger. My believe is even you wear a cheap or a expensive christian jewerly in your body, it is all the same, it is your beleive and a symbols of your trust and a faith in god.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Christian jewelry a gift to love one

During my son first birthday I brought for him a christian jewelry of a gold cross and tell him to wear it as a faith in christ. Christian jewelry can be given as gift to someone whom you love as a present on their auspicious day or friends and family members.

During one christmas day I notice many church members, men and women exchangeing christian jewelry with each others as a remmerence, a believeable and faith in gods.